July 11, 2013

Gift Preview

Hello, everyone,

It is hot and humid in Houston. After writing this the plan is to beat a retreat to  our bedroom and take advantage of air conditioning and a fan. It's that kind of day, when thinking about winter has great appeal.

One of my friends has a birthday in December. I think it's fun to give theme presents, so this is what I've come up with for her:

A new linen tea towel featuring the Beefeater Guards;

a mug from Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee, along with a book,

and came up with this. The book is "England for All Seasons" by Susan Allen Toth. I especially like the tin it will go into, a jolly red bus full of riders.

Since 2013 is when J took her first visit to the UK, picking up a few reminders of her trip sounded like a fine idea. I hope she enjoys using these items and the memories they bring as much as I did putting it all together.

Do you keep your eyes alert for ideas all through the year, or keep a stash of goodies picked up along the way?

Have a good one,

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