July 15, 2013

Another Theme Gift

Hi, friends,

I hope you had a good weekend. We are still hoping for rain, but so far there is none to report.

As mentioned earlier, I think it's fun to do theme gifts. Last month in Friday Finale this item showed up:
specifically, the large wooden ampersand next to the picture book. A few weeks later another item turned up at Goodwill, and with the help of some spray paint, I now have:
a red ampersand with a coordinating mug. These will be a joke gift for my oldest daughter, with the tag signed by our cat named Bitty. After hurricane Ike my oldest and middle daughter fostered some of our furry companions while we were homeless for several weeks, staying with friends. Hilary noted then that Bitty's meow pretty much always sounds as if she's saying "Aaaand", usually in a rather disgruntled tone. Bitty has given her hostess a couple of these symbols in the past couple of years, so with this addition she may have a formal collection, come December. Like me, this daughter also loves all things red, so the mug dictated the redo of the symbol. 

Do you like to do all your shopping at the last minute, or collect things throughout the year? You can probably guess which type buyer I am!

Take it easy!


1 comment:

Dewena said...

Very cool graphics! I bet she loves it. Yes, I love to give and be given theme gifts, especially if they're as creative as yours.