July 31, 2013

A Small Switch

Hello, everyone, I hope your week is going well. Thank goodness today our camera decided to cooperate so it was possible to take pictures to include in this post. 

After two months of seashells and beach vibes August and September are all about sunflowers at our house. Tomorrow I'll start replacing one with the other, but today  didn't seem too soon to take care of the doors. My patriotic display has been up less than a month in the front of the house, yet in those brief weeks the color completely faded from the new curling wire that was used, two different kinds, stars and liberty bells. The strands  were all red, white and blue but now are plain silver--not very attractive, and now headed straight  to the trash.

Without  further ado, here is the replacement for the front door:

In the back we have:

Both were bought very inexpensively from different thrift shops. 

Do you get tired of your decor and ornaments after a while and are glad for an excuse to change them for another theme? I seem to have A attention D deficit D decor. While I really like the blues, shells and everything beach related and summery, it won't pain me a bit to switch to  sunflowers. 

Have a wonderful evening!


1 comment:

Suzan Sweatman said...

They look beautiful Michele!
And yes I definitely have ADD lol
Love your version of it!