August 1, 2013

August 1--really?

Hi, friends,

How did it get to be August already? You know a cat person like me doesn't want to see the dog days show up, but here they are anyway.

Today I started working on switching out the decor inside. There seem to be some things missing or else my memory of last year is completely wrong. Here is the small bookcase at one end of the living room:

A few sunflowers in the suitcase, a bottle and on some of my little chair collection.

The terrarium on the buffet in the dining room has a basket full too.

The revolving book case end table has a seasonal tray and a twig chair.

The camera decided to be coy after these were taken, so this is to be continued.

It is 99 here today. I hope you're able to stay cool wherever you might be.

Later, Michele

1 comment:

Dewena Callis said...

August and sunflowers go together, don't they? I always love seeing what you do with that beautiful suitcase and the sunflowers look lovely with the color or it. I'm so sorry your camera stopped on you. Hope it's back working soon.

I think that August will bring us a little more summer than we've had so far here this year. That won't be too bad as we need it to really appreciate September.