August 29, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

Hello, Peeps, how are you all doing as we race towards Labor Day weekend? Has most of this year been one spent in a coma for me? How else could it have gone by so fast? 

Not to be confused with the student events at the Dental Branch where I worked; those were Thirsty Thursday and involved kegs of beer. Last Saturday Mr. B and I hit on a good rummage sale at All Saints Church near us. For $4.00 we got: one large picture, one small picture, a small cross ornament, a paperback book and a pillow made from a vintage quilt. It's hard to beat those prices! Last week while in internet limbo I picked up a few things at Value Village and a couple at Sand Dollar today. 
There you see the large picture, a signed and numbered print by an artist named Darwish. We can't read the name of the person who did the little girl at the piano. There is a little house to use in the fairy garden, a drum book for my drummer son, the quilt pillow, a cross ornament, more books, a sweet egg cup and more Marjolein Bastin items. They are matching cream pitcher and sugar bowl and a small piece to hang on the wall and put a cup in, for the bathroom.The prize of today's expedition is this:
a blue and red print Hermes scarf in the gavroche size. That information courtesy of my much more stylish friend, Tricia.
Here is a close-up of the cream pitcher and sugar bowl with the sweet little bird handle on its lid.
This is a really pretty silk Vera scarf with a pattern of ferns.
These Mirro card suit cuties remind me of ones my mother and her friends used to make sandwiches and cookies for card parties. Although the package is battered, it is original and unopened.

This is my latest loot. What cool things have you found lately?



Unknown said...

Oh you found some great things - those scarves are gorgeous and would look beautiful in frames!!!
I found ( literally found - as on the curb side LOL ) an old window!!!

Tricia said...

Thanks for the mention! And I still have a set of those cookie cutters, which were given to me at a kitchen shower back in '72. Yet another example of my increasing vintage-ness.