August 19, 2013

Boxing fan?

Hello, everyone,

I hope your Monday  is off to a good start. It's getting warmer here, typical August weather.

Are you a boxing fan? Not of the sporting type, rather the container version. I have always liked wooden boxes. Here are a few of the ones in use right now:

This is a small wooden cigar box without a lid that holds loose photographs.
This one sits on its side to hold the bread tin. On the top it looks like this:
Don't you love the foreign characters? While we're in the kitchen, there are also:
a trio holding spices, sugar, tea and the like.

This was a very battered piece that cost less than $2 at a thrift shop, till it was revived:
It holds a lot of the small items accumulated to make more of those trinket and treasure candlesticks.

On the dresser a wooden cigar box holds my pocket contents and more:

To me, these add a fair amount of texture and charm and are attractive and functional pieces that add character to a space. Do you look out for odd things to re-use in your home?

Take care,


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