August 20, 2013


My camera will. not. work. It is infuriating. Most days it's very difficult, but today seems to be officially on strike to my great disgust. 

How about I tell you a funny story from one of my kids instead? Mary and Theo are only about 15 months apart (because Theo was adopted--two pregnancies that close together would not have been in the cards for me) and didn't get along together well when they were little. He pestered her endlessly. She spelled his name Thoe for years. 

One night when they were around 8 or 9 years old they had an argument. After Mary left the scene  Theo was still venting to me, insisting he was right and his older sister was just stupid not to see it. "She's so stupid" he raged "She's so stupid she probably doesn't know who Joan of Arc was!". I think he was taken aback with my mild reply that indeed, since  Mary didn't like history much, she may well be ignorant of the saint.

At  which point Theo confessed "To tell you the truth, we just heard about her in school yesterday. Before that I always thought she was Noah's wife." Noah = Ark = Joan? Why not? 

What funny things did your children say?

Take it easy,

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