August 14, 2013

Playing around

Hello, folks,

Today I decided to play around with a small shadow box case that's been around for a while, but never really used yet. It was an under $3.00 purchase from a thrift shop a while back. Be warned in advance, the pictures are  bad, but when I tried to take more the camera obstinately quit working entirely, so we are stuck with these:
The curved shape of the top was my downfall, love the arched effect. It does have a glass shelf that can  fit in it, but since the idea was a nature theme, it had to go to allow for the height of the antler and feathers. Otherwise, there are a couple of acorns, small pine cone and a little china bird hanging down. Again, my apology for the glare.
I've thought about painting the exterior but never could decide on a color, so for now it's still gold. I want to try a variety of displays in it as the seasons change and we at some point get away from summer. It might have been designed for thimbles or some other small collectible originally, but it seems pretty versatile to me.

Have a good one!


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