August 21, 2013

More Sunflowers

Hello, everyone,

I hope your day is going well. As you know, reading is my favorite pastime, and this seemed the ideal time to share these books with you, since August is officially sunflower month around here.
In 1976 the author and her husband found an uninhabited house in the southwest part of France and fell in love with it. This is the story of their purchase and the variety of struggles to repair and make it a home and make themselves part of the community. Ruth Silvestre  is an actor and singer in Great Britain. Her husband was an artist whose charming drawings enhance the books. 
A Harvest of Sunflowers continues their story over the first twenty years they enjoyed spending part of every year in France. By now, their own and the neighbors' children have grown up; there are weddings and banquets and visitors to share the beauty with.
This volume recounts bittersweet events after twenty-five years in their home, and rounds out the story. If you like books about travel and people who who explore different cultures than your own you might enjoy these memoirs as much as I did. They make excellent summer reading, especially if a trip to France is one of your dreams. Ruth Silvestre is a very good writer, in addition to her triumphs in the theater. 

Have a  good rest of your Wednesday,


Dewena said...

I've just made a post-it note with these 3 titles. They sound just the kind of books I like. And I've never heard of them. Thank you!

Michele said...

Hi, Dewena, you're very welcome. I'm just responding now because our phone and internet were off for several days, grrrrr!