August 28, 2013

It's always something.

Hi, friends,

Being AWOL was unintentional. We were without phone and internet for several days that felt like forever, although they weren't. Some workers on the pole nearest our house worked three days in a row last week, up in a cherry picker, very industrious. If only they had thought to reconnect everything before they left and went on their merry way!

Meanwhile, my other news is not good, either. Remember these?
Or these? 
My succulents in silver experiment eventually wound up on the front porch, but in a different birdcage that fit the seat of the miniature chair better. It's been there since April, until earlier this week, when it was apparently stolen. Mr. B was out trimming bushes Sunday while I was gone shopping and using the wifi at the grocery store, so it seemed maybe he'd knocked it down and didn't notice what happened. Except, he didn't. We looked in the flower bed adjacent to the tiny concrete porch and it's not there. I'm shocked they were taken, even more so since the thief had to come right up to the front door, which has glass in it. It's not a terribly big deal, aside from losing the containers and one of my favorite old birdcages, more from seeing the bad side of human nature up close and personal. We lost a lawn mower maybe 15+ years ago, but haven't had much of a problem in a long, long time. 

Is your neighborhood safe from wreath snatchers and plant rustlers? How do you deal with outdoor decor if it isn't? 

Till next time,


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Tricia said...

It's hard to understand people who see something they like -- and just TAKE it!