August 6, 2013

Sort of a centerpiece . . .

Hello, all,

I hope Tuesday is going well so far for you. Mine has been all right, except for the triple digit temps today. After finishing this post I'm going to a room with two fans, in addition to the air conditioning. It's that brutal.

As you know, I'd nothing for the dining room table, so today made a feeble attempt to remedy that. In a container with small objects scrounged and found there were three of these:

I don't recall where these were picked up but they're sweet, with the pale green border and dainty flowers.

With a few artificial succulents and my trusty birdcage, we now have:

It  gives a bit of interest to the middle of the table, even if fake plants are lame. Our cats try to eat all foliage and flowers, live or artificial, hence the metal protection. 

Have a wonderful evening, and for goodness sake, stay cool!



Dewena Callis said...

What a pretty design and colors on those dainty little plates!

Triple digits! Oh, I feel for you. Be careful. Stay near those fans.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Your birdcage is adorable. I love the idea of putting flowers in it, faux or real! Your cats might think there's a bird or two in there. Great idea, thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting with me.