August 12, 2013

A few small finds

Hello, everyone,

Can you believe we are nearly to the middle of August? Who authorized the time to  speed up like a bullet train, because I for one am not amused.

I haven't bought a whole lot lately. Perhaps I'm getting more discriminating or accepting of the limitations of our space, but there hasn't been much it wasn't possible to live without.
I found that large bird dish lately, which will coordinate with the other bird decor come spring. There is an old metal spatula with chippy red and white painted wooden handle, and four knives with old looking handles; their origins remain a mystery  so far. They look like bone or bakelite to me but that could be totally off base. One small German china cream pitcher, one larger folk-painted one by Clare Burkes. A stack of books, mostly mysteries, and my favorite score, a cast iron medium-size skillet with enamel insides. It doesn't have a name anywhere on it, but is sturdy. The outside has some smudges and wear but the interior is in great shape.
This shows the other items, a pretty Italian scarf and a bag that has all kinds of birds on it.
Here is a Dansk Sonoma pitcher found at a yard sale  for $1.00 in perfect condition.

How has your thrift luck been lately? Are you doing well, or hoping for better times after school starts?

Stay cool!

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Becky Jerdee said...

Love the Dansk pitcher!