July 29, 2013

Heat Related Injury

Hi, folks,

I'm blaming the weather on the fact that my brain quit working for a while; sorry about that.

Today my post relates to a couple from other bloggers; first of all, Manuela at http://acultivatednest.com/ wrote Saturday about how she made ribbon holders that are very pretty. I didn't  do that. At some point in years past I bought Mr. B a gadget that was supposed to help with the lack of space in the small closet he had then; for some reason it never caught  on and went unused to hang pants. It was still (literally) hanging around though, so I re-invented it as this:

It  holds quite a few spools that are easy to grab. Thanks for the inspiration, Manuela!

Then, last week I visited Dawn at http://www.wecallitjunkin.com/. The lead photo in her post on July 17 featured a gorgeous old metal bread box. I got up immediately and went in the kitchen to check and. . .yep! I have a sifter of the exact same pattern, although it's more worn.
It's got an old chopper with a red wooden handle sitting inside it. The whole thing goes on the shelf above a door in the kitchen that's holds red things.
It came from either Sand Dollar or Value  Village and didn't cost much. Now that the bread box has appeared, who knows what other pieces might be out there in this same cheerful pattern combining gingham checks and colorful flowers. I'm going to be on the look out and probably so is Dawn!

I hope your last days of July are going well. We had welcome rain both days on the weekend, which is always good news.

Stay cool!


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Tricia said...

I love that ribbon idea! It's a new one to me, and we just might have one of those pants hangers, um, hanging around somewhere.