July 1, 2013

Looking up

Hi, friends,

Happy first day of July. Can you believe half of 2013 has gone by so quickly? Me either.

Today it occurred to me there is a more or less permanent vignette  set up in this front room that has never been shown on the blog. It doesn't get changed because it's too high and there really are no good places to move the things on it to switch things out.

The top is about eight feet so requires a ladder for short me to reach at all.  This is why the net with the bamboo handle isn't arranged more artistically, since I didn't want to find the ladder, drag it inside and climb it before taking the picture. Lazy, I know, but it's a lot more trouble than asking Mr. B to fix  it when he gets home, which is the plan. Right now it has on it a big picnic basket, a couple of globes, two old cameras, a pair of old binoculars, duck decoy, bug-catching net and a framed postcard of an old steamship. It's a bow to vintage travel and adventures.It all was chucked up there soon after we moved in and has more or less stayed put, with minimal tweaking. But I like the way it looks, so why not? 

Do you have some areas you adjust for seasons and holidays, while others just stay put?

Stay cool!

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