June 28, 2013

Mini Project

Hello, all,

Over the years I've accumulated a fair amount of sewing notions and bits and pieces, often in bag of assorted oddments. Today seemed like as good as any to finally do something with one of the many cards of buttons stashed away. This is the result:

I chose this one because it fit in the frame  and for the brand, la  petite, so in sync with the current love of everything French.

My poor photography skills don't show the small print at the bottom of the card that says "washable" in a  font that looks like old typewriter printing. It looks pretty cute to me; I'm thinking about a friend who sews and has a birthday coming up soon and adapting this idea to make her a gift, or perhaps a card.

It's always a good feeling to do something with the stuff that's found its way to your house, isn't it? Do you try to remember to upcycle/use it up whenever possible? 

Have a great weekend!


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