June 10, 2013

Mini Monday

Good afternoon, friends, how is your week starting off? I've gotten a few things done, but mostly have been doing remedial work after the weekend, so this is going to be short and sweet.

I grew up with a grandfather who hunted, so antlers and heads were commonplace at the maternal grandparents' house. We just took them for granted way back then, so it surprised me when heads of all kinds started to become popular the past few years. A big disaster means none of those are in our family anymore  (the short explanation: My folks put most of their things in storage while looking for a smaller house to move to; unfortunately, it was in a warehouse next to a railroad track. When a boxcar fell off onto a gas line that exploded, there went most of their stuff, boom.) 

A little  antelope head on a pad in a thrift shop caught my eye. Once pried off with a little glue and a cork coaster this is the result:
Now to get a hook/fastener for the back to hang it with. It's a tiny bow to the heads/ antlers trend, but could be cute on a bookcase or shelf, don't you think?

Off to write some auction descriptions before unloading the dishwasher. It's all about the glamor here!

Take care,

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