June 27, 2013

A new collection

Hello, friends, how's your week chugging along? Mine was perked up by a long lunch with an old friend. It's always fun to touch base with someone you've known for decades and find out the latest in their life.

Yesterday I did a little  browsing at the Manna shop. Rounding the corner from the books it was easy to see what the increasingly annoyed volunteer was calling for help about. A low shelf on a stand of dishes and glassware had given way, with some breakage in the aisle. I picked up three pieces from the floor, mercifully undamaged. Upon seeing the price of $1.00 each, they jumped in my basket to come home with me.

Old glass flower frogs, two clear and one green. My grandmother had similar ones, but these are the first I've seen in a thrift. Freddy of the black feet we already had, of course. Next to do is check out blogland to see how other people use these to decorate, or maybe they don't. Perhaps they just line them up for pure display, I'll have to see. They are old and very heavy and somehow pleasing, whether used for their original  purpose or not. I will certainly BOLO for more, after Wednesday's lucky score. 

Have you ever found three of something unexpectedly at the same time and realized you just started a collection?


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