June 26, 2013

Hey, there


Sorry for the missed days. The heat seems to be rapidly melting my brain.

A while back I copied a magazine suggestion for making cloches out of other items in the post called "Cloche Encounters". Here are a couple of them when first assembled:

I happened to have a glass cake plate that is the same size, so here is one in use:

None of my flower pots are the right size to fit under it, but one of the funny candlesticks works fine, with an embellished styrofoam ball on top, instead of a candle. 
Plans were to get some plants to use with the three I've made, but so far have not managed to get to the nursery  early enough to even stand the thought of walking around in the heat this week. I really like the homemade versions, since you can let your imagination go wild with size, shape, knobs and have fun with the project.

That's my puny effort for the week. Have you been dragging in the heat, or does it not bother you? I just checked and it is allegedly 100 now! No wonder I'm wilting!

Stay cool!


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Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That came out cute! I like to stack teacups under my cloches!