June 7, 2013

Friday Finale

Hi, Friends,

Here it is Friday once more, so it seems like a good chance to show you the latest thrift haul.
I'm sorry this is so dark, but the way things have been going today, trying to take another picture would probably make the camera explode or something. I've picked up a few books, a nice wooden hand mirror and comb, some new greeting cards and a pretty holiday silk scarf. Also another ampersand sign to give my oldest dd as part of a running joke, a Mercury glass vase, Marjolein Bastin basket with handle, a little wooden chair for my collection and two huge mugs from La Madeleine restaurant. This pair says "C'est la vie!" on the sides. Those books are mostly for us, but there are a few more already listed to sell. The one in the front middle is interesting. It's a guide to rate restaurants and make notes on what your experience was like, with a cover like an old time diner ticket. There is also a brand new small box with a hinged lid to put a pretty trinket for a bride in. It cost .90 cents, but I just noticed the original price tag still on it for $10.00, so even a better deal than it first seemed. Those are little tennis shoes for a doll on the seat of the chair that came in a random bag of something or other. 

Now I'm off to put away laundry and do a little early dinner prep. 

May your weekend be wonderful from start to finish.


1 comment:

Dewena said...

I too love to read travel books. Then I get to sleep in my own bed that night! I wouldn't mind eating at nice restaurants--if the bill wasn't so high.

I hope you have a good weekend too!