June 4, 2013

Bye, bye birdies! Part Two

Hi, everyone. I hope you're having a terrific Tuesday.

As promised yesterday, here is more of the cool coastal decor we're using for summer.
The birdcage is again pressed into service to keep the centerpiece unavailable to cats. A cool blue pillar candle and lots of shells does the trick.
Here is the terrarium, mostly holding glass bottles, some with sand and using shells for stoppers as well as the old photo featuring my mother in a family group at the beach around 1926 or so.
The big cloche on the desk holds an urn with a rustic decoration and a scallop shell filled with others.
 Here is a blue tray updated with some shell wooden plaques from a thrift shop.
Here's the tray on an end table by the sofa, utilizing one of my miniature chairs for display.
Here is its mate, holding a starfish on a corner shelf. It looks as if we're set for summer, or at least, the next couple of months. By the time August arrives I'll probably be more than ready to switch to sunflowers, but these add the illusion of cool ocean breezes for now. 

Are you a beach or mountain person? I am wholly beach, which is surprising, in a way, because my beloved PaPa loved nothing better than going to the mountains of Colorado. Not me, though. There would be not a second's hesitation for me to choose coastal every time. 

Have a good one,

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