June 20, 2013

Books and Cooks

Hello, all,

This is a good  day to stay inside because you'll roast if you try the alternative. We got rain last night, which is nice, but a  cool front to bring the thermometer down twenty  degrees would be even better. 

So, if you're staying inside and as still as possible to avoid sweating, why not think about food? Not necessarily cooking it, but reading about it? Do you have cook books you read just because, not only when you're in search of a recipe? Here are some in that category for me.

I've never been to New England, but a couple of writers make it sound very appealing. The first is Gladys Taber. I have countless books of hers, but also enjoy perusing:

 Here's one filled with yummy, if not healthy by 2013 standards. From another part of the New England area is Louise Andrews Kent. Last week I showed a copy of her Summer Kitchen. I also own:

Kent writes through the viewpoint of her main character, Mrs. Appleyard. There is also

Books like this are ideal to escape a Texas summer.

It was a terrible blow when Laurie Colwin died way too young. I have her fiction works, but also treasure:

Both are wonderful.

About food, if not a cook book it is hard to resist Calvin Trillin:

I have the companions that comprise the rest of the trilogy, American Fried and Third Helpings, too.

One of my best beloved series of YA books is by Lenora Mattingly Weber, the books about Beany Malone and her family who live in Denver with their crusading journalist father. Beany was always cooking, so this volume is a natural result about all sorts of dishes mentioned in the previous fourteen books. 

There are cook books of every type and description, from all the different cuisines of the world, but it's hard to beat these with literary associations if you just want a little cozy comfort  on a hot afternoon or cold winter night. 

Do you read cook books just because? What are your favorites?

Stay cool!

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