June 6, 2013

Leaving home

Hello, friends,

Is school out where you live? Today was the last day here, which means navigating around the Travis Elementary will be much easier for the next couple of months. The children don't bother me at all. Their parents, whose cars line the streets and make it impossible to see if it's safe to pull out, are not in the same category.

Once June arrives many people head off on vacation, going near and far. Mr. B and I don't do much of that; we're not good travelers in general and got out of the habit during the years we couldn't afford to go anywhere. This may be why I'm more of an armchair tripper than intrepid explorer. Still, it seemed appropriate to honor this hallowed rite of summer, so starting with this:
the old globe bank on the right, and adding these:
from the loose toy bin at Sand Dollar. I covered the camo on the binoculars with a piece of map.
to come up with the finished result:

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Later, Michele

1 comment:

Tricia said...

So cute! You are so clever to think of covering the camo with map paper! And who can resist spinning a globe whenever she sees one? Not me!