June 12, 2013

Leaving Home - the Sequel

Hi, folks,

Since I set up the little travel vignette not long ago, a couple more things turned up that seemed like they'd fit in it very well. Some time ago I got this beat up tin suitcase at a thrift shop:
The other side says "Elizabeth Arden" so clearly it was probably included in some promotion for cosmetics.

On a trip to Texas Art Supply I picked up these:
so now we have :

Only a small change, but all there was time for today. I have been  busy making shrimp salad for dinner and seven-layer bars to take to Bible study tomorrow, as well as writing descriptions for ebay. Miss Flossie was so sound asleep in the cat stroller she didn't even come critique my picture taking, which is okay. Quiet cats are A Good Thing.

I hope your week is going well, and if you're about to leave home you have a great time from start to finish. We could do that easily, if they'd just invent a teleporter like there is on Star Trek, so we could visit all sorts of places, then be home to sleep in our own bed each nice. Really, is that so much to ask of scientists in the 21st century? I think not!

Have a good one!


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