June 18, 2013

Tuesday + Weekend Haul

Hello, folks,

If it's raining where you are, send some this way. It is going to be 95 today and we need it badly.

Here are a few things bought at Saturday's yard sales and the thrift shop today. The pictures don't include a nice skirt. The picture it was in came out, sufficiently annoying  to not re-do the whole thing for. 
The spoons and crocheted doily are from Saturday. The forks, little suitcase and package behind it from the thrift shop. The plastic bag is a new set of bird-related  images to decoupage, a big stack of them.


There are some books, a Homer Laughlin sugar bowl, blue tee, bird game, basket, sun glasses and readers, a pair of fruit earrings and my first ever yellow pyrex.  I almost forgot, a very nice Talbot's scarf for the holidays and a nice small cloche. The earrings, one book and the new package of cork were from the weekend, rest from Family Thrift.
The basket was .99 cents. Four pair of sunglasses and one set of readers in a bag were also .99 cents. Flossie seems to think if they were moved it would be a good place for a small cat to nap. 
I wanted these because one of the pair is the kind you wear over conventional glasses and they are surprising expensive new, so .20 cents is quite a bargain. Mr. B may be able to use the readers; he seems to break or lose a pair each week.
Now I think it's time to take a break and go read for a while till time to start dinner.

Have a good one!

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