June 5, 2013

Playing House

Hello, folks, we are into regular summer now. I try to do anything outside before noon, then  stay indoors till evening.

While puttering around inside after lunch, I started putting some little bits and pieces of doll furniture together in a divided wooden box from the thrift shop and came up with:

It's just cheap plastic stuff, except for the ladder, but still appealing. 

I like the way the drawer opens on the desk and the doors on the armoire and the

accessories, the books, food and dish towels. Not really anything you could call a project or creative, but still a fun way to spend a few minutes. 

Do you think miniatures are enthralling, or are you not a fan? Am I the only one who finds the mixed bags of any and everything in thrift shops impossible to ignore?


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Love this! I cannot resist miniature furniture. I might have three sets of dollhouse furniture around here. . . . Thank goodness I have grandchildren as an excuse.