July 12, 2013

More old textbooks

Hey, folks, are you having a fine Friday in July, looking forward to a break after the work week? We may see my father-in-law. He was gone for a couple of months and back here again.

Otherwise, besides routine chores I have been trying to sort out some books to donate to the neighborhood branch library sale held in the fall. Some that won't be going are a few more old school books located during the culling process.

Its first copyright date is 1942. The illustrations inside are precious.

Look at those neatly dressed children setting out their picnic! If you don't think times have changed or that older days were always better, consider:

the days when illness could be deadly and warranted a visiting nurse to put a quarantine sign on the house in hopes of preventing its spread.

Science was studied thoroughly, too, like in this volume called Nature's Wonderland:

It has beautifully decorated end papers:

although I'm not quite sure how the panel truck, hammer, and electric bulb are considered nature.

Rainbow in the Sky is an animal-centered reader that focuses on the adventures of a little donkey named Pokey.

It is from 1957 and has lovely pictures, too:

They did a fair amount of singing in school at one time, too. This book is from 1946:

A few years later, Singing in Harmony came out:

It is quite  comprehensive and again, beautifully illustrated:

I hope you enjoyed this brief jaunt into the world of education 50+ years ago.  I wonder if any of the children who used these books, or others like them, ever imagined a world like the one of 2013?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Becky Jerdee said...

I was born in 1942 and remember reading books with similar illustrations. Fun post for me :)