July 10, 2013

Small switch

Hi, folks,

Our internet wouldn't  cooperate yesterday when this post was planned for. I made a small change in our bedroom. On Mr. B's side of the bed in the narrow space available he had been using a bookcase for a nightstand. It was really too tall, though. As an alternative, I switched it with the nesting tables he found at a yard sale recently:

Here they are in place:
I don't know. It still looks extremely out of balance with the table on my side. Maybe the answer is to BOLO for something matching that works with the scale of the space and  will hold all our junk.

Do you have to keep fiddling with rooms and some spaces for a long time before getting it right? I sure do. The thing that cracks me up every time I read it is the direction from design experts "Don't  put your furniture along the walls. Floating it will make the room seem bigger." Right. Clearly, none of these people have ever lived in old houses with quirky traffic patterns, oddly placed doors and windows or other issues to work around. If our furniture wasn't against the walls, except for the coffee table, it wouldn't be possible to get in or out of the living room! Do you have problems with received wisdom from professionals sometimes? Me too!

Have a good one!


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Becky Jerdee said...

I'm one of those professional :) Retired. But I understand what you're saying...small space conundrums are hard to beat!