August 29, 2014

Friday, Friday

Hello, friends,

I guess most folks are happy that today starts a holiday weekend. I hope your plans work out well with no weather complications. We're supposed to have rain. Today I worked with an item purchased at Sand Dollar earlier in the week, an empty frame. I forgot to take a picture of it first, but it is a big black frame that cost $3.80. Of course, in the way of too many projects, it wasn't easy. The four sides were connected with small plastic triangular pieces. The first one removed with a flat head screw driver flew into the air, apparently into another dimension. Seriously, it has yet to be found, even after using a broom under furniture and checking the basket under the coffee table. Sigh. Anyway, I took a bunch of loose pictures and created this:
It is a random selection with a variety of shots of my children, grandchildren, Mr. B near the top right when both his hair and beard were a lot longer and old friends. Close to the middle is a picture of our wedding in the chapel at Christ Church Cathedral. The tot in the bright yellow playground equipment started middle school last week, hard to believe.

Here are two of the top and bottom sections:
The fence is in front of the house we lived in before hurricane Ike dropped a tree on it. There are my in-laws, my youngest daughter with My Friend Mandy, or maybe that's one of her friends, since Mandy was blond. My bil in a plaid shirt, cat and granddaughter interacting and youngest daughter standing on her head. It would have been a more fun walk down memory lane if not for the hassle the double-sided tape was and the missing corner piece. It's going to hang in the little hallway outside our bedroom where it can be seen every time anyone goes into the area. I wanted to put it in the other hall but it has so many thermostats, smoke detector, carbon monoxide gadgets and ac return along with no less than five doors that it was impossible. 

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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Tricia said...

I'm going to need to see this in person, so you can explain every photo! I especially want to see your wedding photo better!