August 19, 2014

The things you see!

Hello, friends,

Since we still need furniture and rugs I've been checking places that sell these items while out running errands and making a few special trips. One was to a consignment store near where we lived before. They didn't have what we are looking for, specifically comfortable chairs and affordable rugs. The rugs were priced astronomically, and we're not talking priceless orientals in every case, either. The chairs seemed to be in one of two categories: either wing back, which I don't want for the library, while all the rest fell into what I privately called Giant/Ugly. Really, huge pieces in improbable designs with hideous fabric seemed to be the order of the day when I was there. 

Another piece totally fascinated me, though You can see it here:

It is a sofa with an upholstered back and seat, set into a wooden frame. Behind the back, on top are bookcases and one cabinet that closes. On the left as you look at the picture is a built-in end table that has shelves below and a cupboard that closes on the side that can't be seen. The opposite end, to the right, has a section of shelves with curbed edges, perhaps for ornaments since they aren't wide enough for magazines and books.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this piece? The woodwork reminds me of built ins I've seen in older homes with Craftsman features. It's in good shape, considering it seems fairly old. It's not anything we can really use, but it still intrigues me. It certainly would be a perfect conversation piece, that's obvious. Have you ever run into something that really piqued your interest, even though it clearly isn't what you need at the time?

Have a good one,

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Linda said...

I love the sofa! Does it fold out? It is unique & love the shelves! It would solve the problem of stacks of books that currently surround my chair!