August 5, 2014

Let's try for Tuesday

Hi, folks,

I was ready to write yesterday when a family crisis kind of phone call came in and things never did settle down till around 10 pm. It's been kind of crazy here lately.

However, on the weekend Mr. B and I went to Buchanan's Nursery and make a start at filling the other pots for the front. Here are some of the plantings:
Fresh portulaca in the pot on the right and some purslane in the one to the left.
Golden globes in this container. There was one small succulent that had survived in it that got moved elsewhere.
As you see, that one section of brick is a totally different color than the entire rest of the front of the building. Perhaps this black-eyed Susan vine will grow fast and help disguise this fact.
A red salvia to the right of it. We have no idea what that wire does or where it goes.
Rosemary, on the left of the pot with the trellis.
Most of those are long-time inhabitants, but the one with the purple pinwheel is new, Pepperomia.

Here is Phase 1 of the de-uglifying of the front of the house.We still have the two long narrow tubs to fill yet; maybe they will fit on the windowsills. Hmmm.

Take it easy!


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