August 28, 2014

The Clean Scene

Hello, all,

Today I will show you my interpretation of an idea that came from another blogger. Manuela at A Cultivated Nest did a post with several ideas for organizing one time. Yesterday while at Dollar Tree I remembered it and decided to give it a try.Here are the materials:
and this is the result:
Placemats as shelf liners. I wasn't sure about the size, so yesterday I just got two to try. It turns out two're the exact right size for this older, plain vanilla appliance. This morning I stopped again and got more to do the remaining shelf and pair of crispers. They are extremely thin, easy to wipe off, and I think the small, dense allover pattern in silver is neutral enough to work well in that kind of space. The other ones the same size and thickness were extremely bright, busy pictures. This should be easier to notice spills on for quick removal. I can't neglect to mention the original blogger who first posted and inspired my effort. You can find that here:
It really is wonderful how it is possible to share great ideas via the internet, and here is one of the best. Let's hear it for further creation of sanitation!

Have a good one,


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