August 15, 2014

What I did this morning.

Hey, Peeps,

Are you looking ahead to the weekend already? At our house Friday is known as "Wet Food Eve" since the cats get a break from dry kibble every Saturday. Believe me, they know when it arrives and there is no sleeping late for me then, no matter what. 

Today I started working on a project that occurred to me one night while lying awake. Here is what we started with:
That is the wall in the living room behind our sofa, which is actually a sandy tan color, not white. 

This is what is there now:
It may not be perfect and need to be tweaked in the next days or weeks, but it is a lot better than the big blank. The big picture Mr. B and I got at a yard sale, probably 30 years ago for $5.00. The empty frame to the left holds a plaster relief piece that was a gift from my friend Judy. All of the other items are from thrift shops, except the cherries. Those are in a frame that had a nursery rhyme picture in it, a baby gift when I was born. The smallest are postcards of Carl Larssen pictures that I like. The oval birds were from Sand Dollar; the shape of the frame charmed me. The long narrow one of peaches is from Catholic Charities, where the merchandise is of such high quality that nothing sticks around, so it cost more than I usually spend. It wouldn't have stayed on the floor long enough to be marked down, though. The picture to the right of it is a greeting card photograph saved and framed, and the sunburst mirror another Sand Dollar score. 

Another look:

If it doesn't all look straight, blame the holder of the camera, because a level was used to avoid a wonky effect. So here is my project for Friday. What do you think?

Take it easy,


Linda said...

Your over-the-sofa arrangement is a nice addition to your living room. Every time you post, something charming has been added. You get a gold star!

The Frugal Shrink said...

I love the art work and am particularly jealous of the sunburst mirror!!