August 1, 2014


Hello, all,

It dawned on me that so far you have been spared an exterior view of this place. Here is a brief tour of the transplanted bits that haven't died. This weekend we hope to fill some larger planters and expand on these efforts.
Some of our plants and a few whizzing pinwheels just for fun.
Next to the chair you see one of two rectangular boxes to be filled.
And the front door with a sunflower wreath. I'm hoping to have lots more in our ongoing war on ugly to show you next week!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Linda said...

It's coming along very nicely! You should get a rebate on your rent for making the place look so good. Big congratulations on all your efforts.

Tricia said...

Love the wreath -- very pretty! And the plant groupings look nice, too. Good luck with more planting! We have some of that on our weekend agenda, too.