August 14, 2014

One More Shelf

Hello, all,

I hope your Thursday is going well. Mine is better than yesterday, which involved a lot of time waiting at the ophthalmologist's office. The good news is the surgery went fine and the better news is the other eye can be done week after next. It all took so long there wasn't time to write, though. 

Mr. B put up another shelf on the weekend, but had to use glue on the wall anchors that didn't dry till Tuesday, so it was yesterday before it got dressed up. It is in our living room, over the antique wash stand. That is now where my little cat shrine is, so the shelf has more, if not all, items of the feline kind.

This is a big, high wall, so it looks better with something up there, even though it was put so high it was difficult for me to put thing on it. It's not a big change, but we are chipping away at getting organized and decorated. If things go to plan, there should be a more dramatic improvement tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, take it easy!


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