August 27, 2014

Small change

Hi, friends,

Yesterday was more Eye Surgery, the Sequel, and a lot of today taken up by a post-op visit. That sort of fun never ends when you start getting old, alas. This is why there was no post yesterday. This morning, while looking for something in  a storage closet I found another picture and as a result, revised the gallery wall. I knew there was a second of those fruit prints somewhere. The apples migrated away from their plum pals, but now are on the wall as a team again. 
The oval bird picture needs to be higher but that will need to be done by Mr. B, who is much taller and won't need to stand on anything. I am glad to have found the other half of the pair to use both. Here's one more look:
It's not great, but getting better. That's the thing about moving, everything stays a work in progress for quite a while.

Take it easy!


1 comment:

Tricia said...

Looks great! Glad the "twins" are reunited!