July 15, 2015

Back again

Hi, folks,

I'm sorry to have been AWOL. Friday was a family crisis, I don't remember Monday and yesterday right when there was time to work on a blog post we had no internet, not all the rest of the afternoon or evening, until this morning. Now I'm trying to play catch up.

This morning I decided to try and make a few changes in the living room. Mr. B told me one cable from the tv  box could be lengthened with an extension cord, which seemed to offer some hope for getting the various wires and so forth against the baseboards, rather than strung clear across one large corner of the room. I started and soon there was this:
as I shifted things around. You may have already guessed that each time something was moved it uncovered hidden piles of dust and fluff and dead pillbugs that had to be vacuumed up. I moved the table that was at the right end of the sofa previously. 
The table that was at the left side of the sofa is now in the right. The book case revolving one was next to a chair across the room.
The tv used to be on top of this bookcase and didn't look good at all.
Now it's on this folded down gate leg table instead.
The gate leg was in this corner before.
This chair didn't move and often has a cat in it, this time it's Freckles.
This little bookcase beside the door to the yard stayed the same,
as did the wall with my mother's old washstand on it.

Here's an overview of the room now from one side:
and another:
The card table is up in hopes of me finding another jigsaw soon. Freckles is still holding down that chair.
Minnie is working the contrast between her dark coat and the light wicker like a pro, don't you think? Meanwhile, over by the door:
Flossie keeps an eye out for birds, squirrels and the yapping dogs that live next door. 

This room still needs a lot of work. The wall where the tv is could use a big piece of furniture, which I'm still on the lookout for, as well as a rug. Once we get a rug it will be time to choose curtains and the space will be warmer and more inviting, at least, that's the hope. Tile is extremely practical, but aesthetically falls far short of ideal. Covering it with a rug of some kind will help  tremendously so that's the goal. For the record, the walls are a sandy tan, not white, although that's how photos make it look.

What do you think? What am I missing/screwing up/not doing that it is screaming for? Your input will be appreciated, so let me know.

Have a good evening!


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Rue said...

I think it looks really cozy, Michele! I agree with you about the tile and I think a rug will be a lovely addition :)