July 28, 2015

One small switch

Hello, Friends,

Sorry about earlier. I ran out of Monday and energy both after a crazy busy day at Manna.

Tuesday was all about several no-fun, necessary errands, followed by some serious cleaning, ugh, what a combination! But I did take time to make a homemade chicken pie so Mr. B should be happy with that. 

Here's a little (VERY little) project from the library, where I spent a couple of hours working on the weekend:
I bought a bag of assorted toys at Goodwill last week, just to get the big wooden die, then re-donated all the rest of the forgettable contents right back. The other dice and balls with numbers were found on the ground, mostly, except for the huge example. The blue one came from a cracker last Christmas.
I like assembling things in the small single drawers that turn up occasionally, too. 

That's it for today. I need to go put the crescent roll crust on the pie now. 

Have a good one!


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