July 20, 2015

More Time Travel

Hello, all,

Who's up for a trip to the past, nearly 60 years ago to May, 1958? We'll do this the easy way, via a vintage Family Circle magazine and skip all those dangerous machines so often seen in science fiction movies. Here's our vehicle:
For the record, despite the wear due to age, the upper right corner was intact. Until it was put out to be photographed and a cat decided to chew on it while the camera was located. Breathing heavily through my nose.
Great advice on page 4, saying nothing is better to clean the infant ear than a Q-Tip.
Here is a double-page spread on cooking for a crowd. The menu includes
macaroni favorite
fiesta caserole
merry mix-up
jumping jack
fruit-bowl salad
and much more

Okay, jumping-jack involves canned beans and bologna. Merry mix-up contains canned corn and frozen lima beans. Fruit-bowl salad has only one canned ingredient, the pineapple. The dressing is whipped cream mixed with mayonnaise.
Magazines often had fiction included back then. This story is called "Upon a Peak in Darien" by Nelda Gardner White. It's about a young couple and the foolish female who wants her guy to accept a wonderful offer he's got for after graduation.
Another story, this one about a good girl who marries a man society firmly expects to be a wastrel.
A prize-winning house from a couple of years earlier.
The shocking account of a woman who got pregnant at the advanced age of 42, simultaneously with her recently married daughter. Oh, the embarrassment and shame!
Here's an advertisement recommending the use of Lysol as a douche. 
Afternoon radio shows for the bored stay at home mother.

Day-before-payday dinners, yum yum!
Strollers hadn't taken over the world then and there were no ads at all for slings or wearable carriers. People still took their babies out in a carriage. Maybe the woman who had a third pregnancy at the unbelievable age of 42 used one like this. 

The fashions were nearly all still of the tight waist/full skirts with petticoats variety, not comfortable at all. Recipes emphasized quick and easy, not fresh or organic. And to save the best for last, the back cover has a full page for Old Gold cigarettes, complete with a scientist creating the triumphant new blend for straight smoking. 
And there are people who lament the passing of the 1950s and regret the loss of those good old days! 

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Rue said...

LOL That would be me ;)

It wasn't a perfect time, but at least people dressed better ;)