July 31, 2015

Congratulations and wah!

Hello, everyone,

This is a post to celebrate my friend Linda today. She has a birthday coming up soon, so I got a present for her. That's the good news. The bad news--well, she thinks it's good too--is that in a few days she's moving to another town. Bad news for me, but I am happy that she found an amazing house in a small town away from the city. It's also good the timing allows her to zip over and visit tomorrow, right ahead of her birthday so her gift doesn't need to be mailed. 

Here it is:
The contents were gradually accumulated over the past few months.
This is a new pincushion found at the Sand Dollar. It is stuck in the ring of a mason jar. Inside:
is a mini sewing kit with tape measure, scissors, buttons, thread and more.

Also in the bag are these:
a card of vintage buttons in a frame and:
a handmade (not by me!) holder for scissors. Lastly, there is this:
It's a device for marking hems, but don't bother to ask me how it works. I found one a few years ago and she admired it, so when a second one appeared in a thrift shop it had to go live at her house. It was fun putting this all together and it will be fun to see Linda tomorrow. I will make every effort not to say "Hooray" and immediately follow it with "Boo, hiss, you're leaving!". It's a wonderful house, built in 1888. There will be a tour in pictures when she's settled and we can go see it in person. 

Have a great weekend,

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Bethany Carson said...

Oh wow! She is moving to a house built in 1888?! It must have quite the history. Happy birthday to Linda, and it looks like you have put together a great gift for a seamstress!