July 17, 2015

Fifty on Friday

Hello, all,

Last night when my 95-year old co-worker from Manna called to ask me to do an extra shift today to fill in for another volunteer, I agreed. Not long after that Hoarders came on, always a dire cautionary tale for all but the most extreme minimalists. This morning after getting up way early it occurred to me to use the impetus from the television show to improve living conditions here. Therefore I scrounged for fifty things to take for donation to the thrift shop this morning. Collected were:
ten magazines,
ten books,
ten pillow cases/shams,
ten pieces of clothing and
ten scarves. Not a bad declutter total to collect before 8 am, is it? Do you stick to annual or biannual purges or keep an ongoing container of things to discard and pitch or donate as soon as it's full?

Take it easy!


1 comment:

Rue said...

I don't really have an annual clean out, but my closet sure needs one LOL I keep looking in there and then turning off the light.