July 24, 2015

The thing with feathers

Hi, folks,

How's the week treating you so far? We're nudging triple digits in our temps, so well and truly into summer, ever a test of endurance in Texas. 

Today I had an idea for a small project using an item from the Sand Dollar and found objects. It began with this:
a 60 cent find a while back. The silver color didn't work well with anything here, though, so I located this:
Amazingly, after not being touched in years it works fine.
These are from the yard and sidewalks. With these, the mirror now is:
transformed! The longer, curly feathers are from an old duster that came apart a while back. The glass is circled by a piece of--well, I don't know what it is. It's like wired ribbon but covered with woody, vine-like material. And looking at the label doesn't help because it's in French. Purchased at Jo-Ann Crafts, it is terrifically useful in a variety of circumstances and certainly is fine with the other elements of the piece. That's my effort for Friday. Off to finish the rest of my chores and head for the sofa!

Have a great weekend!


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Linda said...

Great treasures!