July 8, 2015

Basket and Birdcage

Hello, all,

Happy hump day to all who work the five day week. It's always good  here, since it's a designated Wet Food Day, which = bliss to the furry fiends at this address. 

Like many others in the blog world, I get bored easily with things around the house and want to do something different. With memory of the 2014 move still all too fresh in my mind, that's meant not buying new decor unless I really love it and it's not a duplicate of existing stuff. Believe it or not, quite a lot of adorable birds have stayed in the local thrift stores because  there are already a ton in my stash. That means rearranging or getting out things not in the current rotation, which was the strategy today.
Since green is a cool color for summer, how about ferns in the basket by the door?
And more succulents in the birdcage, relocated to a child sized Mexican chair?
The pot with a variety in the back was on sale at Target with a deep discount recently.
That gives more of a view of the chair, a $5.00 purchase from Manna some years ago, before I started to work there. It has a missing stretcher on the right side, but since no one ever sits in it, that's not a problem. 

Today was a marathon day to wrap and lug things to the post office (baby bib to Serbia among other items) and that got done and some if not deep, moderate cleaning in the utility room and kitchen. But fiddling with these displays and figuring out where to put them was much more satisfying than all the serious chores on my list. 

May you have fun with things in your house this week, too.


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