December 6, 2012

Decor for the Lazy, Take Two

Hey, how's it going? My day has been a little discombobulated so far. I'm hoping things settle down soon. 

Last year I found this box for under $2.00 at one of the local thrifts. The color was perfect, since red is my favorite. It did have a little curved piece on top, which would have been okay, but it had an angel on it. The kind that's usually described as "kuntry angel" so ick. Not cute at all. The top thing came  off easily though, so well work the $1.91 for this:
To gussy it up for the holidays I just scoured the house and put anything small found in one of the sections. The result was:
There is a miniature tree, a wreath, pair of mittens, tiny basket with berries, a reindeer napkin ring, a gift tag, and more. So, cute and easy. Oh, if that were only the end of the story. After taking the picture I set it on one of the small chairs near the front door. Then did not leave well enough alone and put another item near it. Which managed to fall and knock over my red crate, breaking things and making a ridiculous amount of mess. The little snow globe was tiny, about the size of your thumb but apparently also magic, like the Tardis. It seemed to spill at least a quart of water on the floor when it smashed. Naturally, the noise attracted the cats who were sure they should get involved. The water spilled and wet the stack of cigar boxes nearby, so at least the bottom one is damaged. 

The moral of this story is probably don't try to do things the easy way, since it's all too likely to go terribly, horribly wrong and take more time to clean up than is imaginable. 

So that's been my day. How about yours?


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Tricia said...

Oh, my -- so sorry about the disaster! But that red box IS a great find, and I'm sure you'll find things to do with it for other seasons and holidays, too!