December 17, 2012

It's HOW long till Christmas?

Hello, friends!

Oops, it looks as if the first half of December went by like a bullet train while I fiddled around with various less than fabulous attempts at decorating. It's probably time to stop fooling around and shop, unless that Mayan calendar thing is right, in which case, there's little point. 

Anyway, this is a quick post because of a hitch in my daily walk. About 15 minutes from our house a little cat approached me, seeming in some distress. She was sopping wet, every bit of her body except her head soaked. There were four houses in the vicinity  of where she showed up, all with at least one if not more cars in the driveways, but no one answered at any of them to see one was her home. I called the number on her collar and arranged to meet her owner back at our house, since they didn't live on that street at all. Luckily, I carry a cotton bag with me in case acorns or anything else turns up while I'm out, so was able to wrap her in that and get her a little dryer while heading back the way I'd come. Her owner turned up; he'd left work early to take her to the vet so that worked out well. I'm happy she's reunited with her own family, but it did throw my day's plans even farther behind. 

A few things done since last week:
I got that long basket with the pointy bottom at the Sand Dollar recently and the silver flowers and picks at Dollar Tree. The little fawn with the wreath round his neck moved into the copper container of faux boxwood, to put him out of the way of any cats who might think he looks like prey.
I put some more little trees on a candle holder under one of those cloches that started out as a dome over a clock with some fake snow. The greenery and flowers associated with this time of the year is one of my favorite parts of the holidays. 

So, definitely not much of a project to report, but being Rosie the Rescue Person took up time not budgeted in this day. Let's hope tomorrow sees a huge efficiency front blows through Houston while I'm outside to get the full effect!

Meanwhile, keep calm and merry on!


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