December 21, 2012

Thrifty Art

Are you saying TGIF, or are you hoping it isn't because you're not ready for Tuesday? That would be me, for all you efficient folks that have everything done and dusted and ready to go. It's not as if I haven't tried, but rather that the stores I've gone to haven't produced the gifts being searched for. Progress has been made, but it feels glacial. Thus, it seemed writing a blog post about thrifted art would be a welcome distraction, at least to me. Here are a few of the things decorating our walls from second hand sources:
These bird prints were found at a Salvation Army store on the other side of town a couple of years ago. They were $4.94 each and hang in the dining room now.
These are two vintage photographs that were made into greeting cards, received at different times. Two matching frames from a thrift shop made them a pair.
These prints of cherries and plums hang over the back door in the kitchen. Near them is this:
In the living room we have:
This folk-art looking barn and rural scene was $2.00 at a yard sale in Ft. Worth, when we were there one weekend and stayed with an old friend of my oldest daughter.
This big, colorful tray came from the Guild Shop and hangs next to the front door.
This large picture was a yard sale find for $5.00, probably thirty years ago. It is in the living room, over the bookcase where there is temporarily a winter scene in a suitcase for the holidays.

We have a few more that will have to show up another time, because of lighting issues.
Isn't it nice when you find pieces that speak to you, that can be enjoyed daily, yet are easy on the budget?

Mr. B. will be home for the next week or two, so I may not post till after Christmas, when we get back from Austin. I hope you all have wonderful holidays, filled with family, friends, food and fun. Remember, Keep Calm and Merry On!


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Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

I've always loved birds ... and cherries! Your prints are pretty. And yes, it's always great to find a bargain!