December 12, 2012

Mid-week report

This is not the post I intended to make. That was derailed when the camera quit working with several photos left to take, so let's just move along to Plan B. The last few times this has happened it's worked fine the next day, so crossing my fingers this is how it goes tomorrow, too.
Here are a few recent goodies, nothing remarkable. A couple of mugs--the one in the rear says Las Vegas and has "Sin City" down the handle. The cute little red fossil box looks ideal for a small gift. A stack of tee shirts and another of books. The brass reindeer and sleigh came in a bag of other stuff,  none of which I wanted, so it went back directly to be donated after the noble stag was removed. There is another of the black-on-white items I collect, not exactly a dish since it says SOAPS, but still useful. It may go out in the utility room where a tall, rectangular box that says LAUNDRY is lonely on a shelf. The upright wicker organizer works well with the big divided tray from a while back, and who can resist red, sparkly snowflakes at <$1 a package? Not me! Since we've had unnaturally warm weather until day before yesterday those tee shirts are needed and being worn, even in December. 
Here you see Flossie checking it out. She reminded me to add the small camera bookend, another .80 cent purchase from Sand Dollar. Since Mr. B has taught basics of photography most of the three decades + we've been married, it seemed destined to come home with me. 

Today I stopped at a store a little outside our neighborhood on the way back from leaving something at church. All their holiday decor was half off, so I picked up a few tags and a tin and other small items for very little. Too bad the real camera won't cooperate so you can see those too! 

Where are you in your holiday plans? I've bought few gifts so far, although most of the ones that need to be mailed have gone out, with just one left. Most of the cards are sent, except for a few, and most of the special snack mix has been given to regular friends in the community, like the folks at the post office, feed store, beauty shop and garage. Still, there are lots of nagging, niggling, dangling ends that still need to be finished. Are you all done, or still muddling along like me?


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Tricia said...

Looks like you've had some successful thrifting of late! That little camera bookend is darling, and so perfect for Mr. B! Flossie is very thorough -- even dipped her tail in the mug!