December 3, 2012

More Decor

Hello, everyone. I worked on decor in a few other places today and thought I'd share it with you. First, entirely because of reading the suggestion in Brenda's blog at Cozy Little House, is this vignette:
Everything in it or around it was from a thrift shop, except for a couple of the little paper houses that were a gift from middle daughter Mary.

Also in the living room is this end table by the sofa:
The mat on the table was made by Mr. B at some point when he was curious about weaving. The chair, candle and poinsettia were from thrift shops. The wooden box like a book came from Tuesday  Morning last year in January, super cheap.

On the desk we have this:
Some little white deer, candles and a wicker tree shape on a couple of cake stands. The china figures of the Holy Family on the flight to Egypt are another thrift shop find. The tree shape was discovered last year. 

In case you think this is all being done on my own, think again.
As you see, Inspector Flossie was on duty. She is nothing if not conscientious!
The picnic basket  has a candle, a big red glass vase filled with sparkly fruit and another little church on it.

Another  tradition each December is to set out a beautiful card received years ago by a fellow member of the Betsy-Tacy group, Kristi. It was far too special to discard, so when a gorgeous red enamel frame turned up at the Sand Dollar it was a perfect place to save this picture of children dreaming on Christmas eve:

I realized after posting Friday the dining room table was overlooked. Right now, besides assorted junk, it has this centerpiece:
The two trays it's on are thrift shop buys, as is the big bell cloche and the red picket fence. Mary gave me the cake stand and church, which she bought and decorated herself.

I've enjoyed putting these little displays together and in the process have culled out some things that haven't been used in several years and offered them on FreeCycle. The older I get the less patience there is for giving house room to stuff I don't really love or  has memories attached to it. What about you? Do you ruthlessly cull as you pull things out to use or hang onto even the "eh" items just in case? 

I hope you enjoy this prep for the weeks ahead as much as I do!

Until next time,



Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Hi Michelle,
Unfortunately I'm hanging on to a bunch of stuff and bringing in even more that I found at an auction today. It is taking me forever to decide what to use this year. Love all your vignettes especially the one under the cloche. I guess that's because I don't have one and really, really want one!

Tricia said...

It's so fun to see your new Christmas vignettes! I really love that first pic, with the little houses in the suitcase. You may have borrowed the idea, but you executed it beautifully! The table by the sofa is also pretty -- love the poinsettia in the little chair!