December 8, 2012

Grab a book and rest for a few minutes.

Hello, everyone. I have been really busy this week, but still need the quiet and comfort that books supply better than anything else. Movies are tremendous fun, but more of a treat, while reading is daily bread-and-butter recreation. Here are a few holiday books collected over the years:
It's hard to beat the Brits, and Nancy Mitford is in a class by herself. 
Miss Read writes from a gentler perspective, but is always a delight to dip into.

Rosamunde Pilcher offers a big fat Aga Saga in this engrossing story of disparate people who are thrown together during the holidays.
Sister of the Angels is by an English writer who deserves more attention, in my opinion. This is part of a trilogy, that includes The Blue Hills and City of Bells.

Another from across the pond, filled with engaging characters dealing with the lead up to the holidays.
This tale of marital misery and disharmony comes from the author of  Auntie Mame.
Here is the eighth in the series of books written about Mitford by Jan Karon, another endearing entry in the holiday stories lists.
Of course, mayhem and crime go on year round, too. Here is one of many wonderful mysteries set at this time of the year by my favorite Texas author, Susan Wittig Albert. Other seasonal goodies I don't own now include No Holiday for Crime by Dell Shannon, Relative Love by Amanda Brookfield, Last Christmas by Julia Williams, The Chorister at the Abbey by Lis Howell and many, many others. 

Do you like books set during the holidays this time of year? Is there a favorite you bring out  to re-read, besides the Nativity story and A Christmas Carol? I hope you have time to curl up with a book at some point this weekend and get away from the hustle and bustle of real life!

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