December 11, 2012

Hi, how's your Tuesday so far? This is another drive-by posting. My day is mainly occupied with taking Freddy kitten to the vet for a re-check. To catch him and secure his sleek black self in the carrier was a horrifying experience for both of us this morning. He'll probably go into deep hiding once home again, after all the drama and trauma he's experienced today. 

Although we still don't have a tree up, that doesn't mean everyone is doing without. Here is the fairy garden, spiffed up for the season:
I got some little trees in a bag of assorted stuff at Sand Dollar recently. The ones flanking the house in the Fairy Garden are cones covered with chenille pipe cleaners, pinned in place with buttons and other colorful small charms, with little wooden stars on top. I expect this new festive addition meets the approval of all the fairy types who may drop in, don't you think? If any more tiny items turn up in the holiday stash, they'll be candidates for the fairies, too. Maybe they'd like a little pond to skate in, if it snows there. . . . hmm. Food for thought!

I hope your day goes well and doesn't include a nerve wracking trip to your local vet. Wish me luck getting my poor boy home without scarring his psyche permanently. 

Till next time,

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Tricia said...

The fairy garden looks adorable! So festive!