December 19, 2012

Latest Loot

Hello, and happy Wednesday to all. This is just a quick post to show you a few things recently found. 
Here are a few more paperbacks for us to read, a new book of holiday crosswords, a red velvet heart-shaped box, a mug with H for my daughter, ditto monogrammed snack plate with server, new, red leather purse, new, as are the packages of Cath Kidston emery boards and hand creams, from a variety of thrift stores. The baking trivet is from Home Goods, but was just $1.00 in their clearance  section, as was the cupcakes book at HPB. Not in the picture is a cupcakes calendar to go with those. The red and white miniature lunchbox will hold something, as will the Pfalzcraft mug with seasonal design. 
Last week at the Assistance League I got this gingerbread-look china house to use in the fairy garden for the holidays. I hope they approve.
This isn't  new, but  is one of my favorite things  to set out in December, a very old vintage tin. It's pretty shabby by now, but I love the candle and floral design. 

I am deep in the throes of last-minute shopping and wrapping as happens when you don't get things done ahead of schedule. It's hectic, but fun, so I'm not complaining! I love to try and figure out what the perfect gift is for family and friends; coming up with an idea and finding the item is a challenge, but always a pleasure, too. 

What don't I like this time of the year? Music in stores. It may be different elsewhere, but here it seems as if the only two songs ever played are White Christmas and Winter Wonderland. Which are both okay except when they suffer from constant repetition!

Are your favorite parts of the holiday the preparation days leading up to it or the day itself?


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